Our History


Alliage is a Brazilian multinational that produces Medical Devices, founded in 2016 from the merger of Dabi Atlante and Gnatus.

Through its expertise acquired since 1946, strong investments in R&D and in People, the company has developed globally through its international offices, created to promote the best experience to its customers and partners.

We are currently Global Leaders in Dental Units and Leaders in Latin America in Dental Imaging.

8 in every 10 dental set installations sold in Brazil are Alliage.


Expanding healthcare around the world.


Globally known for creating and delivering high quality products.


Our Story


Dabi Atlante is born, Indústria Brasileira de Aparelhos Dentários


Gnatus is founded, Indústria e Comércio de Articuladores


Launch of the Eagle Line, marking our debut in the market of dental care Tomographs.


Dabi and Gnatus are merged, giving raise to Alliage, a giant company focused on the medical and dental care segment.


Alliage opens a business unit in Ciudad de Mexico - MX, Alliage Mexico Branch


Merger between Alliage and Denimed, Argentinian manufacturer, leader in the industry with a history of more than 44 years.


With over 25 dental practices produced a year, Alliage takes the position of the world’s largest manufacturer (Global Number 1 seal)


Launch of the BR1 Pulmonary Ventilator, Face Shield and Hospital Bed to assist hospitals in the treatment of Covid-19


Alliage expands its businesses opening a new office in Dubai, Alliage international

For the second consecutive year we were considered one of the best companies to work through the GPTW certification. These results reflect our actions and our most important value: people.

We value teamwork dearly! We we sum 2+2, we have 4. But if that count was the sum between competence and teamwork, the result would not be 4. On the contrary, if could be 8 or 10.

Our people make all the difference and knowing we are in the right track makes everything be worth it!

“Great effort and dedication”

Proud to be Alliage

Our manufacturing has an advanced level of automation, with laser cutting machines, welding robots and automated painting.

We have an extremely verticalized production, that is, we manufacture more than 80% of all the components we use in our products, and of course, the entire assembly, testing and validation process is carried out in our plant.


Check our numbers:


employees around the world


countries consolidating our solutions


dental set produced every year


points of sale and technical service units


years of excellence in the health care industry


offices worldwide

Global Presence

Alliage is one of the global leaders in the dental care industry. Always working in an expanding and innovative way, Alliage is present in more than 150 countries. It has 900+ employees distributed in is headquarters in Ribeirão Preto, one Manufacturing unit in Argentina, one office in Dubai, 9 business offices across Brazil and 1 in Mexico.

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