When we are responsible the planet smiles back

For ensuring a prosperous future, we work on and take very seriously the matter of sustainability, preserving natural resources and care for people. For that reason, our actions are based on the concept of ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance.

Moreover, Alliage has several actions that positively impact Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO), such as: generation of jobs, granting benefits to employees and their families, campaigns for donation of basic food baskets, blankets and other related actions.


Our initiatives to the environment, to society and corporate

Sewage treatment station

We have our own STS and we are co-responsible for our effluents.

Water reuse

We reuse water, destining it to cleaning and toilets.

100% Renewable Energy

The Company’s energy consumption is 100% originated from renewable sources.

Trainee Program

With the goal of identifying and developing new talents for the company.

Development Trail

A project dedicated to improving the professional career of employees.


We invest strongly in research and development for promoting advances.

The planet smiles back :)

Our initiatives to society

Apprenticeship Program

Created for helping insert teenagers and young people in the jobs market.

Donation of Basic Food Baskets

Collection campaigns for employees in need and institutions.

Health and Well-being

We offer a series of benefits and partnerships for taking care of our people.
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