Code of Ethics

Ethical principles guiding our professional conduct

Alliage’s Code of Ethics clearly and objectively summarizes the rights, duties and responsibilities of every professional that is part of the company.

Its main goal is setting parameters for conduct in building a company that holds ethics, respect, honesty and transparency as priorities.

It must be upheld by all employees of the company, irrespective of title or role. Having an ethical conduct regardless of hierarchic position.

It determines guidelines for ethical conducts and also set standards for relations, which provide trust to shareholders, clients, employees, partners, suppliers and, moreover, to the dental care market and society in general.

It values the employee as the main asset of the company and serve as basis for relationships based on reciprocal respect and human values that are fundamental in building a good and coherent internal climate within and outside of the company.

Alliage code of ethics

Ethical conduct with employees, clients, partners and suppliers
Relationships based on reciprocal respect, equality and human values
Honesty, transparency and confidentiality in business
Confidentiality of daily work information, protecting data of clients, employees, partners and suppliers
Serving clients with ethics, attention, respect and focused on problem-solving
Protecting the company’s resources
Keeping open to new ideas and changes
High standards in products and services for creating sustainable and profitable growth
Acting in accordance with/upholding laws, standards and regulations
Social, environmental and corporate responsibility, acting with ethics, integrity, transparency and being an example in its actions
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